Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Building a Tower

We read the book and then we made our own towers!


  1. To room 2
    WOW! they are amazing I can"t even do that so they are looking great guys so what have you learnt this year?
    From Debbie.

  2. Cool I wish I had blocks at my home. Lets see if you can build a big tower? It looks so much fun.

    By Jack Room 14

  3. To Room 2
    I like your towers Bradlee,Danika,Korey,Tayla.
    Can you build a Fort out of blocks?

    From Christian

  4. Those are some really cool tower i wish i could do that.
    Rhys Room14

  5. To Room 2
    WOW!!! room 2 awesome towers. What do you most enjoy about building your towers.

    from Makayla

  6. To room 2
    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are better then me(and that is not a lie) Maybe you can show ME your secret sometime. Did the hole class make some or just a few? And I think it's obvious that you had help, na just kiding. Great job guys stay cool and keep up with the awesome learning
    From Leah (I like smily faces: )

  7. To room 2
    Wow all those towers look very cool.
    How and why did you make these towers?
    From Amelia

  8. Hi my name is Axell

    I wish i could make a block tower like you and i wanna join! How many can you make?

    From Axell Room 14

  9. Hi it's Fin from Room 14
    Those tower and other awesome creations are really neat . how did you make them how long did it take you.
    From Fin

  10. Hi guys its George here your towers are SO BIG. What do you build them with? good bye room 2

  11. Taylor
    WOW!! Room 2 I really like you building's. Was there a rule to make your tower's? I hope you could tell me how to build a tower.

    From Taylor

  12. Hi my name is manx i like to build towers like lego.