Thursday, 6 November 2014

More Interesting speeches!

Dylan spoke to us about a hobby of his called Motocross.  He showed us a photo of his motocross bike and he brought in his boots and protective gear and his helmet. We think Dylan is lucky to have a motorbike to ride on. Dylan spoke clearly and he knew what he was talking about! Interesting speech Dylan.

Martin talked about Lego.  He likes playing at home with his Lego in his room.  He can make a city with lots of homes and cars.  Martin usually plays by himself with his Lego.  He spoke loud enough for us to hear. Good speech thanks Martin!
Rugby is the sport that Rome plays in winter.  Rome shared some information about who he plays with and what his rugby gear looks like.  He plays for the Tigers and the rugby shirt is orange and black... like a tiger!  One day Rome might play for the Warriors! Interesting speech, Rome.
What an exciting weekend Emily had!  Emily's speech was about the Jump Jam Regionals that the school Jump Jam team competed in.  Her team came first and they had a lot of fun wearing face paint and dressing up as animals! Emily spoke clearly and she remembered her speech without any prompt cards. Good work Emily.

Shamille has a favourite movie that she spoke about for her speech.  She watches it at home with her Mum and her little brother.  The movie is about some fairies and Shamille likes it because the fairies are beautiful.  Thank you for sharing Shamille.

Korey does BMX riding at Minogue Park.  Korey had some help to share his speech about what its like to do BMX riding. It sounds like fun and Korey is a safe rider so that he doesn't fall off! 

Steven has got an Xbox as his place!  He plays on the Xbox with his uncles and he said its only for the boys!!!  Mrs Scott thinks she might like a turn!  Steven spoke clearly and knew what he wanted to share.  Great work Steven. You have not been speaking English as long as most of Room 2 children!

Zayne brought some of his cars and his garage to talk  about.  He did a very good job of telling us how the cars can go up and down. He even demonstrated with one of his cars.  Zayne looked at the audience sometimes and his speech was interesting. 

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