Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Molly, Brooklyn and Bradlee

Molly's talk today was another interesting speech for Room 2 to listen too. It was about her hobby, which is drawing. She brought some examples of what she has drawn. They were a set of animal drawings which she didn't have to trace! Molly can also draw other things as well. Thank you for your speech Molly. I have noticed that you love drawing before school in the mornings. It is a great hobby to have.

I like the way you talked about your pictures and had little prompt cards!

Bradlee's talk was about .... 


He shared some facts about spiders and his dad drew a spider for him. Bradlee had all his notes ready to read and he was very organised. He used the magnets to keep his picture up on the board and he spoke clearly so the children could hear him. Great talk Bradlee. 

Brooklyn was very excited about his speech. He showed the audience what he makes at home with his Lego. He told us the names of some of the pieces he has and told us that you can get Batman Lego! Brooklyn also showed us how to put the pieces together! Very impressive Brooklyn. We could hear what you were saying and you looked at the audience. Well done!

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