Sunday, 2 November 2014


Our next set of speeches are by Brayton, Isaac, Ake and Sophie.
Brayton talked to us about his cars. He brought in some photos that his mum took of the cars and one photo that he took himself. Brayton spoke so that the audience could hear him. Well done Brayton. 
The next speech was about... Batman!
Isaac shared a lot of facts that he knows about Batman and he even had a picture he had drawn. The audience could hear the speech and Isaac looked at the audience a few times. Interesting speech thank you Isaac. 
Ake's speech was about Leap. She was prepared for her speech with notes to remind her about what she wanted to say. Ake also shared some of her pictures she had drawn at home of the pig from "The Pig in the Pond". Well done Ake 

What does Sophie  know about Tinkerbell?  Well, Sophie did her speech about her Tinkerbell doll and she knows all about Tinkerbell and her sister and what they do. An interesting speech Sophie and everyone could hear your voice. Good work!

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