Monday, 18 August 2014

Pukeko Reading Group

Pukeko Reading Group can do their reading activity on the iPad the tablet or the iPod.  It is fun using technology but it's not that easy!  Sometimes you have to do the sentence a couple of times before it is right.  KC kids are resilient and they keep trying! Great effort Pukeko!
I like the sentences Eva.  We need to find out
how to make the text go wider!
Good sentences Cooper. They talk about the picture!

Dylan's Pizap! Good choice of sentence Dylan!

Mr Crake

We have been lucky to have Mr Crake helping in our classroom.  He listens to us read and talks to us about our reading.   He helps us with any work we are doing!  Thank you Mr Crake!

Cross country training

We have been training for cross country.  Cross country is when we have run around the field following one of the senior students.  Some of us might have to go round the field twice.  We are practising so that we are fit enough to finish the race!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Assembly 2014

Assembly KC posters

More assembly pic collages!

Nice colours in your poster Zeita-Maree.
You were great on the stage and you are right, KC kids do try their best! 

Great work being Nigel Naylor, Dylan.
It was hard to be the first to say their part and you did it confidently!

Your poster looks terrific Eva.
I like the thought you put into placing your photo and text.
Well done up on the stage too!

Great work on your poster, Martin.
You were very good up on the stage doing the dancing.
 I liked the dog brainstorm you did as well.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Assembly part 2

Our thoughts about our assembly!
You were so good at singing on the stage, Rome! I like your poster too. It looks like you are standing in a doorway!

Nice background for your poster, Molly.
I liked the way you were so confident and happy up on the stage.
You spoke very clearly. Well done! 

Your KC is awesome Kobe.
 I was very impressed with your dog brainstorm on the stage too.

I like the way you have placed your photo and text on your poster, Brayton.
Also, you were so good on the stage singing and dancing. Great!!!

What a cool KC kid you have made! I liked all of the assembly too.
 I especially liked your confidence singing Ronnie Ryman!

Assembly 2014 part 1

We have been working on the iPads to share our cool KC Kid pictures and our thoughts about our assembly. 
We will keep posting them as we finish them! 

Cool photo Isaac and I love your KC kid's smile!
 You spoke really clearly with the microphone.
I was impressed with your confidence

Great poster Max, and I liked the way you spoke on the stage.
You were great at remembering your words! 

Nice poster Shamille, I like your background!
 I loved the dog brainstorm too.
You spoke well using the microphone