Saturday, 29 November 2014

Friday Lunchtime Ukulele class!

Every Friday lunchtime Eva has a ukulele lesson.  We were lucky enough to have the tutor and some seniors join Eva to play a song for us. Wow, Eva you have done a lot of learning at ukulele classes!
Well done.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Our Powerpoints - Part 1

We have been learning many skills on the computer. We have each made a powerpoint to show some of our learning and the skills we have learned.

Zayne's work

Look at what Zayne made!

By April

I made a pic collage.

Cooper's scarecrow

Eva's scarecrow

Eva  designed a  scarecrow.  Her reading group read Scarecrows from space!  In  the book  it  looked
hard to make one.

Reading activity

We read a book. I worked really hard. 
I worked with a buddy. 
It was not that hard. The book was about a spider who wanted spots. 
The spider looked at what ladybird had but not what the spider had.                    

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My scarecrow

I read Scarecrows from Space and I designed my own scarecrow.
By Dylan.

Marking maths

Cooper and Rome are marking their maths.
They are using the calculator!

Bradlee's Maths

We can mark our maths with the calculator!

April's scarecrow

At school I read Scarecrows from Space.
Do you like my scarecrow?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Emily and Molly

At reading time we had to do a reading activity on the Ipad, about our book called The spider who wanted spots. We did who, where, when and what. We chose a background that looks like a spider web and we also wrote some sentences so people knew what the story was about. When we had  finished we showed Mrs Scott and she was super happy!      

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Watching Worms

On Friday morning Room 2 spent some time with some slippery slimey visitors.  They came from Mrs Scott's garden and they were hiding in the dirt! We turned the lights off because they don't like the light. They were ...  squiqqly, wiggly worms!

Some of the things we have learned about worms are...

Isaac - casts are earthworm poo!
Daniels - Worm Fact - the skin is covered with a coating called mucus
Emily, Te Rangimarie Worm fact - the North Auckland worm can grow up to 1.3 metres long.
Maxworms create tunnels as they move through the soil.
Molly - tiger worms prefer to live in compost heaps and worm farms.

We read on the internet that there is a worm that can grow six and a half metres long!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Models of Dragons

Martin and Steven made models of dragons out of playdough.
I can see spikes on Martin's dragon and Steven's has got wings and ... fire!! 

Friday, 14 November 2014


Look what Brooklyn made!

Control tower

After athletics we had free time! Cooper and Isaac worked together to make this very tall and carefully balanced control tower!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

KC Learners

The wonderful KC learners from Room 2 come in before school to practise their spelling!
Great work Ake!

Monday, 10 November 2014

The Lion's Hideaway

Weka Reading group read a new book about a Lion's Hide-Away.  By reading the book, they learnt how to make a model of a lion's hideaway.  The boys added some model animals that look really great.  Thank you John, for helping the boys make their models.

The Last Speech

 Luca was the last person to share a speech in Room 2 and he talked about gold!  He even had some gold in a little bottle.  Luca went to Perth and visited a gold mine with his Mum.  He learnt lots of things that he shared with the class.  
Very interesting, thanks Luca!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

More Interesting speeches!

Dylan spoke to us about a hobby of his called Motocross.  He showed us a photo of his motocross bike and he brought in his boots and protective gear and his helmet. We think Dylan is lucky to have a motorbike to ride on. Dylan spoke clearly and he knew what he was talking about! Interesting speech Dylan.

Martin talked about Lego.  He likes playing at home with his Lego in his room.  He can make a city with lots of homes and cars.  Martin usually plays by himself with his Lego.  He spoke loud enough for us to hear. Good speech thanks Martin!
Rugby is the sport that Rome plays in winter.  Rome shared some information about who he plays with and what his rugby gear looks like.  He plays for the Tigers and the rugby shirt is orange and black... like a tiger!  One day Rome might play for the Warriors! Interesting speech, Rome.
What an exciting weekend Emily had!  Emily's speech was about the Jump Jam Regionals that the school Jump Jam team competed in.  Her team came first and they had a lot of fun wearing face paint and dressing up as animals! Emily spoke clearly and she remembered her speech without any prompt cards. Good work Emily.

Shamille has a favourite movie that she spoke about for her speech.  She watches it at home with her Mum and her little brother.  The movie is about some fairies and Shamille likes it because the fairies are beautiful.  Thank you for sharing Shamille.

Korey does BMX riding at Minogue Park.  Korey had some help to share his speech about what its like to do BMX riding. It sounds like fun and Korey is a safe rider so that he doesn't fall off! 

Steven has got an Xbox as his place!  He plays on the Xbox with his uncles and he said its only for the boys!!!  Mrs Scott thinks she might like a turn!  Steven spoke clearly and knew what he wanted to share.  Great work Steven. You have not been speaking English as long as most of Room 2 children!

Zayne brought some of his cars and his garage to talk  about.  He did a very good job of telling us how the cars can go up and down. He even demonstrated with one of his cars.  Zayne looked at the audience sometimes and his speech was interesting. 

Monday, 3 November 2014


Cooper gave a very interesting speech about Minecraft! He had some pictures of different characters and he told us about the diamond swords and diamond armour. The emeralds are pretty but not worth as much. Cooper had his notes ready so he was organised. Well done Cooper.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Our buddies are finished

Our whole class had a photo taken with the buddy's before they were taken to Harcourts. The children who helped make the buddies are standing at the back with one room 14 buddy and the buddy they helped to make. 


Our next set of speeches are by Brayton, Isaac, Ake and Sophie.
Brayton talked to us about his cars. He brought in some photos that his mum took of the cars and one photo that he took himself. Brayton spoke so that the audience could hear him. Well done Brayton. 
The next speech was about... Batman!
Isaac shared a lot of facts that he knows about Batman and he even had a picture he had drawn. The audience could hear the speech and Isaac looked at the audience a few times. Interesting speech thank you Isaac. 
Ake's speech was about Leap. She was prepared for her speech with notes to remind her about what she wanted to say. Ake also shared some of her pictures she had drawn at home of the pig from "The Pig in the Pond". Well done Ake 

What does Sophie  know about Tinkerbell?  Well, Sophie did her speech about her Tinkerbell doll and she knows all about Tinkerbell and her sister and what they do. An interesting speech Sophie and everyone could hear your voice. Good work!