Room 2 Maths

KC kids like to learn all the time!
Have a go at some of these activities if you have some spare time.

We have been learning how to skip count because we can count large numbers of things more quickly!
We can count in 2s and 5s and 10s.
Click on the link to see how fast you can skip count!  Start at the top of the page and try all the activities.

It is easier to solve harder maths problems when you know the basic facts for numbers to 10.
Try this one- 
What makes 10?

Now you can try some adding and subtracting with these word problems!
Word Questions 

  Our first question for the year was...
What is Maths?
After all you can't learn about maths if you don't know what it is, can you?
We had these ideas.
Then we talked about where we can see and do maths.
Maths is everywhere!!!
Maths is important for us to learn!
Let's do maths!

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