Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Senior Team's Wacky Commonwealth Games

Room 2 were busy working in their classroom when they noticed some unusual activity outside.
"It's the Queen," someone shouted. "Really?" asked Mrs Scott.  "Outside quickly then.  We must go out and see her Majesty, the Queen.  She must be attending the Senior Team Wacky Commonwealth Games."  In no time at all, Room 2 were lining the walkway...

Independent work on the iPad

We have been working independently to use the iPad or Tablet to show our learning. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What are you doing Room 2?

I'm glad it was only a drill!
The other day we had to practise what we would do if there was an earthquake.  The bell went and that meant 'imagine the ground is shaking', so we dropped to the ground and got under the table.  If we were close to a table leg, we grabbed hold of it and held on tight!  We all had our hands protecting our heads and stayed like that until we were told we could move.  It seemed like it was for ages and ages but at last we could get out.  It must be really scary when it is a real earthquake but I'm glad we have practised what to do.

Mrs Scott

Practising on the Ipad

When we go to the computer suite some people work on the tablet, iPod or iPad. We have been practising taking a photo and writing a caption to go with it.  We choose a background and some of us have snipped our photo to get rid of parts we don't want to see!

Maths on the iPad

Brooklyn and Mrs Scott did some adding and took a photo of it.  Mrs Scott helped Brooklyn put it all on the iPad.  The background is Brooklyn's favourite! 

House Points for Cross Country

We had the school cross country a couple of weeks ago and we got house points for wearing our house colours. These are the houses we are in.  We had our house coloured dots on our faces so we all got points!
Hillary wears red!

Ngata wears blue.
Only two people 
in Room 2 are in Ngata !

We all watched the 5 year old boys and girls 

Get Set...... Go!

And off go the boys!

Then ... unfortunately, the battery went flat on the iPod so we didn't have any photos of Room 2 runners!
However, Room 2 were really good runners. Lots of children got certificates and everyone finished the race! Hooray!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Maths measurement

The whole school is learning about measurement! Today we tried to make four different lines the same length. We put the lines together to see if they were the same.