Thursday, 26 June 2014

Karearea Reading Task

The children in Karearea reading group worked independently on the iPads to do a character study.  First they read the book "Bend, Stretch and Leap" and identified Tommy as the main character.  Then they put the information they could find about Tommy onto a Pic Collage. They found a picture of Tommy in the book and snipped around it so that he was the only one in the photo. Very clever!

Some of the information has gone behind the heart - oh no!
I like the photo you chose of Tommy. Good work!

Your information looks great, Molly. You found out a lot about Tommy. Maybe you could have labelled the picture of Jessica so we know who she is?

Good work boys - You found some facts about what Tommy likes! You can practise changing the size of words so that important words are the biggest.  Maybe the title could have been bigger?
Emily, I like the creative way you have placed your information about Tommy. Great work! Maybe you could add a title for your work.  

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