Saturday, 28 June 2014

Courtroom Drama in Room 2

Room 2 had fun pretending that we worked in a courtroom.  There had been an accident when a girl backed out of a driveway without looking where she was going.  Unfortunately she crashed into a boy who was driving along the footpath. We wondered who the jury would think had been doing the wrong thing!  Do you think they came to the right decision?


  1. Hi Room 2. Wow what a tricky situation. We thought about this problem a lot and we did have different ideas about who was right and wrong. After much discussion we think there were faults on both sides and that both the girl and boy were doing dangerous things. They should both get a fine not just the girl. Looking forward to seeing some more court room drama from the very talented kids in Room 2. From Room 10 kids.

  2. Hi room 2 I thought we were in a school, not a courtroom! I was so surprised to hear that Jasmine was driving... and that she also went backwards!
    I think you made the right decision about not driving backwards... BUT we should NOT drive on the footpath either.

    From Mrs Paton

  3. Wow Room 2! What an awesome show.