Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Our writing about the Hiab

Room 2 went outside to have a look at the builders working.  We saw a hiab truck.  It lifted an office up and it placed the office down.  At the end Eva got a jacket and helmet on.

Today my class and I went to see the work that was the rebuilding Room 9 and 10.  When we got on to the grass on the field, it was cold and windy. After that we saw workers put walls and wallpaper into a big container.  When we were looking at the builders we saw hard hats on their heads to protect their heads.  When we were looking at the pink string I realised that was going to be the toilets!
After that we drew pictures of the hiab truck that had the office on it.  We were looking at the office and when the builders put the chain on, it lifted the office. We were watching the office and when it was coming down the workers carefully put it on the ground. After that we went back into class to have our morning tea.  When we had finished our morning tea we had a little play on the playground. Before that Eva put on a jacket and a hard hat. After that we wrote about what we saw.
Te Rangimarie

In Room 2 we have been sketching. Today we have sketched a cool truck.  This truck has a crane on the back of it. It is really cool.

Room 9 and 10
I saw some men on the roof and men on the ground. I saw a lady doing something by the toilets.  I saw five windows and one was open. I saw some ladders. One was for the two men on the roof and one was just leaning on the wall of Room 9 and the last one I saw was one for a man who was taking something down from the roof inside.
This morning Room 2 are doing sketching again because we want to see if there is some different work on Room 9 and 10 and the toilets! We sketched where the toilets are.  We started sketching. Oh wait!
A man is walking where the toilets are! He told us there was a hiab truck coming soon because they would like an office.  It's coming....  We're waiting... Still waiting... Yay! It's here!

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